prototype 01


prototype 01

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time vs. food+energy

So why wasting time _our time_ is not considered an equally significant matter?

For example, most people spend a rather significant amount of their time and consequently of their lives travelling around. So they, we, may spend more time in the underground, in buses or on the road, than we spend over a coffee break, enjoying ourselves and having a good talk.

How is that alright, or more acceptable than wasting energy..?

After all, time is not unlimited here on earth either..

to think or not to think? To write or not to write?

Today I have been thinking a lot about what is worth doing, what is worth thinking of, what is worth of taking into us for consideration. My conclusion: Very little things.

The thing is, once you think of something you consider important, but you know that it is actually not, is it worth talking, writing and creating around it?

What if all thoughts are hybrids too?

That is, what if they are both significant and stupid at the same time, depending on the moment, the timing and the person?

so let’s create a hybridlang of thoughts!



any thoughts people?


Welcome to HybridLang.

This blog is dedicated and created for the Language 01 Project of yr1 BA(Hons) Graphic and Media Design course of London College of Communication. It functions as my research “document”, and it is where I have concentrated all the elements, my thoughts and pretty much everything that lead to the final outcome for the Hybrid Alphabet Project, that is, the more specialised subject I have chosen for the language project. Here, I try to explain why I worked on a hybrid alphabet, what the process was, what the barriers were and how the project turned to be the way it has step by step.

language: the artifact

Language certainly seems beneficial enough to have spread from human to human and from culture to culture.

Language certainly seems to be an integral part of every person’s life (written, spoken or both).

But language is not only practical.

Language(s) & communication are beautiful.

Beautiful not in a metaphorical sense but literally. From how it sounds to how it looks when written on a surface. Every language has a unique feel of high aesthetical value.

Letters are shapes and shapes form symbols and symbols are beautiful.

Language does not only deserve recognition as a useful tool, but as a piece of art, or rather, as an act of intuitive design practice and elegancy.